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Proper Clothing: Being a tropical island, the weather is cool. Bring along lightweight clothing such as T-shirts, tank tops, short trousers, vests etc. Formal clothing must be worn in hotels in the evening, men must wear long trousers to enter hotel restaurants and casinos.

Sunblock: With the warm tropical sun bearing down on the island almost every day. Bring along sufficient sun block to use when going to the beach and on hikes. This is a must if you are travelling with young children.

Swim shoes: Exploring the coral reef is a must in Seychelles, especially at low tide, due to constant erosion and based on certain sharp shells, it is advisable that swim shoes be warn when undertaking such expeditions.

Bathing Costume: Lest you be fortunate to come across a beach that is completely yours, bathing in the nude in not allowed in Seychelles, bring along a bathing costume to use any time you go to the beach.

Sunglasses and Hat: For the extra shade and protection of the eyes from the intense sunlight, sunglasses and a hat are advisable especially when going on hikes.

Special Medication: Bring with you a sufficient supply of any special medication you may require. There are clinics in all the districts of Mahe, but some locations are remote so should the need arise, it is better to come prepared. A small kit with basic first-aid items such as Aspirin, cotton wool, surgical spirit, mosquito repellent and a dressing bandage can bevery useful.

Sufficient Money: Seychelles currency is referred to as Rupee (Scr) and comes in notes of Scr10, Scr25, Scr50, Scr100 and SCR500, where as coins come in Scr1, Scr5, Scr0.25cents, Scr0.10 cents and Scr0.05 cents. While most places accept payment for goods or services in the local currency, it is always advisable to bring along some foreign currency, dollars and euros are widely accepted. If the need arises, these can be changed at the numerous banks or Bureau de Change on all 3 main islands.

Camera: 'Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footsteps', the Seychelles ecosystem is a delicate one that many are striving to ensure that it remains intact. Visits to every corner of the islands reward visitors with the most spectacular, what better way to capture these then on your camera. If you are a photo fanatic, be sure to bring along enough films, memory cards and batteries.


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