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Finding the perfect souvenir to take back home is a treasure hunt in itself, you really need to hunt around to find the perfect gift to keep as a momento of your unforgettable holiday in the Seychelles.

Used in jewellery, corals and polished shells are sold in various shops in Seychelles. The kiosks in Victoria offer a wide variety of selections ranging from bracelets, necklaces, earrings and much more. Queen of all jewels in Seychelles is the Black Pearl, it is the most rarest, and consequently the most expensive, and as such makes a truly unique souvenir.

One of the biggest and visibly unique nuts in the world, the "Coco de Mer", can be taken home as a great souvenir. Endemic to Seychelles, they can be found no where else in the world, it is for this reason that strict regulations have been set in place to ensure that the nuts are not over exploited. Coco de Mers can be bought at many souvenir shops on Mahe and Praslin but ensure that you are provided with a valid licence, tag and export permit. Prices may range from 300€ or more depending on whether the nut is deformed or not, or the insides have been removed or not. To note that anut that still has its insides can weigh up to 20 kg or more, one without the insides can weigh around 5 kg.

Other selections of souvenirs include a weaved hat to remind you of the warm tropical sun, a handful of sand from your favorite beach, a portrait from Micheal Adams Gallery to remind you of the lush tropical greenery or a sculpture from Egbert Marday so as to never forget the unique creole spirit. And if you still have some space left in your suitcase, stop by Kenwyn House and indulge in some more classy jewellery.


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