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Throughout Seychelles, there are many artisans producing works of art that are as varied and diverse as their surrounds and which include stained glass, products made from coconut shell, husk, seashells and corals, clothing, gold, silver and other forms of jewellery, recycled materials, fibres, bamboo, metal and pottery.


Painters have traditionally taken inspiration from the richness of Seychelles natural beauty to produce a wide range of works using mediums ranging from water-colours to oils, acrylics, collages, metals, aluminium, wood, fabrics, gouache, varnishes, recycled materials, pastels, charcoal, embossing, etching, and giclee prints.

A few famous local artists are listed below:

- Micheal Adams
- Egbert Marday
- George Camille
- Nigel Henri
- Alain Camille
- Donald Adelaide
- James Auguste
- Gerald Devoud


Local sculptors produce fine works in wood, stone, bronze, glass, metal and cartonnage.
Inspiration is drawn from the Flora and Fauna that surround them.

A few Sculptors are listed below:

- Tom Bowers
- Antonio Filippin
- Leon Radegonde

Writers and Poets

Local writers and poets have also used the magnificent backdrop of Seychelles as the inspiration for historical accounts, fascinating works documenting the social history of the islands and its people and collections of short stories and poems that evoke the passions of island living.

Some writers and poets of Seychelles are listed below:

- Leu Mancienne
- Antoine Abel
- Guy Lionnet


Seychelles has a distinct kind of music. Folk music incorporates multiple influences including English contredanse, polka and mazurka, French folk and pop, sega from Mauritius and Reunion, zouk, soukous, moutya and other pan-African genres of and Polynesian and Indian music. A complex form of percussion music called contombley is popular, along with combinations of Sega and Reggae called Seggae.
The growth of Seychelles music has since seen the adoption of a blend of contemporary reggae and mainstream, international popular music.

Some popular artists who brought forward the evoluton of music in Seychelles are listed below :

- Ton Pa
- Joenise Juliette
- John Wirtz
- Patrick Victor
- Jenny de Letourdie
- Despilly William
- Keven Rath
- Joseph Louise
- Pakret Labrosse
- Francois Havelock
- David Philoe
- Jeanne Legg

Music and dance have always played a prominent role in Seychelles culture and in all types of local festivities. Rooted in African, Malagasy and European cultures, music is played to the accompaniment of drums such as the Tambour and Tam-Tam and simple string instruments. The violin and guitar are relatively recent foreign imports which play a prominent role in today‘s music. The old instruments such as the ’Bonm‘, ’Zez‘ and ’Makalapo‘ have faded into Seychelles history.


The lively Sega dance with its elegant hip-swaying and shuffling of the feet is still popular as is the traditional Moutya, a mysterious, erotic dance dating back to the days of slavery when it was often used as an outlet for strong emotions and as a way of expressing discontent.

Kanmtole is a foreign dance import, accompanied by banjos, accordion, violin and triangle and reminiscent of a Scottish reel while the Contredance with its intricate movements has its origins in the French court and is danced to the strains of banjo, triangle and to the instructions of the ’Komandan‘ or Commander who calls the sets.

Several groups of traditional dancers perform at local functions as do modern groups playing jazz, reggae, country & western, hip-hop, ballads and classic rock. Several choirs exist singing traditional hymns and promoting choral music with a repertoire that includes sacred, secular, gospel and folk pieces.


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