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For those considering living in Seychelles for an extended period of time, the cost of living must be seriously considered, especially for those without a stable monthly income.

Housing, such as a Bedsitter or 2 room house, cane be rented from private individuals for long or short term lease, cost can range from 240€ per month to 500€ or more per month. Price also depends on whether the house is furnished or semi-furnished, with Aircon, or mountainside or coastal location.

If you are to live as per the Seychellois culture, below are a few tips:

- Grow some vegetables at home, such as Manioc, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Tomato etc, this helps to reduce the spending on some basic vegetables.

- It is cheaper to eat fish then meat, try to buy enough fish for a month at the Victoria Market. Ensure it is gutted as early as possible to keep the fish fresh for a longer period of time. Buying salted fish also guarantees that if ever you run out of fresh fish, you have something to eat. Keep it in a dry place and it will never spoil.

- To avoid running out of your necessary household needs, it is advisable that you do all your shopping at the end of the month, for the following month. You can do all your shopping at the STC supermarket in Victoria.

- To note that the Creole diet consists of 80% rice, those with special dietary needs are advised to vary in food preparation, as eating only rice may lead to constipation.

- If you are to use a gas cooker, as do the majority of households in Seychelles, you can buy your LP gas at petrol stations or at various shops in the district which are LP gas resellers, you must buy you first bottle, then return with the empty one to exchange for a full one, at a lower cost.

- It is important to note that Electricity, Water and Telephone Bills are paid on a monthly basis and charges increase as more units are used. It is therefore encouraged to use energy saver light bulbs, switch off when not using, and to ensure that all water pipes and taps do not leak. During times of drought PUC water bowsers deliver water directly to the household, so ensure you have some empty barrels or buckets just in case.

- After all important expenses are made, remember to set aside what you will need for transportation, bus fares are around 0.30€ (5.00Scr) per trip, taxis are around 40€ per and car hires are 50€ per day. Something must also be set aside incase you have a shopping emergency during the month.

- If you intend to find work in Seychelles, it is important to know that the basic salary is around 200€ per month in the public sector. In Private sectors, salary depends on qualifications and years experience.

- If you want to import a new car, brands that are already being imported by companies in Seychelles need to be purchased through these companies, e.g. to import a Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Mitsubishi, inquiries need to be made through Excel Motors, PMC or Island Motors. Once the cost of the new car is determined, duty must be paid to 50% the cost of the new car once it arrives in Seychelles. It must then be registered at the Seychelles Licensing Authority in Victoria, where the cost of the road licence is calculated on the cars CC. Insurance must also be taken, an option between Third Party Insurance calculated on the cars CC, or Comprehensive Insurance calculated on the price paid for the car. All drivers must possess a valid drivers licence which is renewed every one or five years.

- Purchasing a second hand car in Seychelles is also possible. Prices vary depending on the age and type of vehicle and whether it is accident free. Once can expect to pay between 15,000Scr to 225,000Scr for a second hand car. Once payment is effected with the previous owner, both must go to the Seychelles Licensing Authority to finalise the transfer of ownership (at a fee).


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