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Despite resembling like a piece of heaven, Seychelles, like many other destinations, has its dangers. We urge everyone to take extra precautions when going across the islands or when engaging in activities.

If you decide to go for a hike:

- Inform someone at your hotel, exactly where you will be going, if possible bring a mobile phone with you, a first aid kit and stay on designated trails. Leave all your valuables in a safe at your hotel. If you are bringing along a camera, do not leave it unattended.

If you decide to go swimming, snorkeling or diving:

- I you are not a strong swimmer, it is advisable to stay close to the shore, always pay attention to warnings posted on the beach, if there is beach officer, you can ask for any advise where there are strong currents and/or undertow.

- When going snorkeling, inform someone on the beach about the exact area you are going to and how long you will be out. It is advisable to wear a shirt or sunblock on your first snorkeling experience, many tourists come back from snorkeling only to suffer from extreme sunburn at the back of their legs and back.

- Divers are asked to go in groups and to ensure they know the proper hand signals so as to be able to communicate underwater. Do not swim far from your group and always stay near the boat.

If you decide to go sailing (private):

- Permission must be sought with Seychelles Port Authority before leaving berth. Inform them of the exact route you will be taking, where you may be stopping and when you will be back (date and time). The Seychelles Port Authority will then inform you if your destination is ok or a NO GO ZONE. If the latter is given, please cancel the trip or map out another route.

If you decide to go for a drive:

- Ensure you have a valid international licence, and always drive on the left hand side. Ensure seatbelts are worn at all times. Close attention should be paid to street signs and inexperienced drivers should be aware that because Seychelles is mountainous, some roads have steep inclines and sharp turns. Public buses have priority when approaching a contour. When driving after dark, ensure all your lights are functioning.

If you decide to go out at night:

- Keep to well lit places and to places that have groups of people. Avoid carrying large sums of money on your person and do not follow anyone into dark corners or buy anything from anyone on the street, especially if it seems that it might be something illegal.


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